Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Letter for Master Degree Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Letter for Master Degree - Essay Example Accordingly, I have already completed my B.A. course in criminal justice administration from the Columbia College of Missouri (December, 2006) securing 2.2 GPA, missing cum laude by 0.2. After graduation, I chose the option of military service in the US Navy, as it would expose me to the world outside, and expand my horizons significantly and appreciating the compulsions of a great power as the USA, while dealing with the outside world. It is affording me the opportunity to pit myself against the best and compete hard successfully. After retiring from this service, I intend to pursue my long term career ambition in the legal profession. With my service background and personal philosophy of service to the society, I intend to pursue a career in the US Secret Service agencies. I kept myself abreast of the developments in the legal profession, even during my military service, by accessing current literature on the subject through magazines and the Internet. I am also pursuing the Masters Course from the American Military University through distance learning and earned two credits so far, which I intend to transfer to my program with your university. Before deciding to join the graduate program in the Columbia College of Missouri, I have done a bit of Internet based research on the program in order to concretize my understanding of the course and to satisfy myself that I am indeed in need of that qualification. I was convinced that a formal and structured training in criminal legal administration, under the tutelage of experts should help me immensely. I have decided then itself to go in for Masters program, as soon as I can. I am aware of the details of the program in Columbia College of Missouri, its emphasis on extensive self-study of the relevant literature for each topic / subject, case study approach, developing one’s presentation skills, usage of libraries / online resources, and interaction with faculty. I am fully committed

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